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What you should know about Etsy’s Purchase Protection Program

With insightful experiences in the eCommerce market, Sellerwix will be the fully integrated solution to manage and grow your business effortlessly.

What you should know about Etsy's Purchase Protection Program

May 16, 20234 mins to read
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On the rare occasion that something goes wrong during the buying process, we’re here to help. Etsy’s Purchase Protection program allows you to shop confidently knowing you’ll receive a full refund for qualifying orders when your item:
  • Doesn’t arrive
  • Arrives damaged
  • Differs significantly from the item description or photos (for example: the wrong material or color)
Any order that is shipped on or after August 1, 2022 is eligible for Etsy’s Purchase Protection program.
If you’re unsatisfied with an order that doesn’t meet the criteria for Etsy Purchase Protection, please check the seller’s policies to see if they accept cancellations, returns, or exchanges.
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How do I get my refund?

If you believe your order qualifies for Etsy Purchase Protection, the first step is to reach out to the seller by starting a Help request. 90% of order issues can be resolved by working with the seller. Learn how to get your Help request started.
If the issue hasn’t been resolved and it’s been 48 hours since you first messaged the seller, and the estimated delivery date for your order has passed, ask Etsy to step in to help you get your refund. You may need to provide some photos of damaged or misrepresented items. Learn how to get Etsy’s help by opening a case.
Once your refund eligibility is confirmed, Etsy sends you a confirmation email.
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“Less lost profit when things go wrong”

I purchased as a guest

You must have an Etsy account to start a Help request. If you purchased an item as a guest, connect your order to a new or existing Etsy account so you can be eligible for the Purchase Protection program.
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What happens to the seller if I request a refund?

An occasional case opened against a seller will not negatively impact them or their shop.
All cases that are opened on Etsy are taken seriously, and are reviewed carefully by their case team to ensure the right decision is made. We understand that even the most experienced sellers can have unexpected issues from time to time, which is why Etsy’s Purchase Protection program is in place to help sellers with qualifying orders.
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A Few Closing Thoughts

As we wrap up the information about Etsy’s Purchase Protection Program, we hope you found something helpful for your business. If you are a partner of Sellerwix, and you want to add Sellerwix as your Production partner on Etsy. Learn more about Sellerwix Academy – Working with production partners on Etsy.
With insightful experiences in the eCommerce market, Sellerwix will be the fully integrated solution to manage and grow your business effortlessly. Let’s meet at or if you need any help. Follow our blogs to stay on top of Print On Demand trends!
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