Sellerwix Feature release - Save time and Streamline order Management

Aug 08, 20234 mins to read
Sellerwix New Feature launch on August 2
Efficiently managing multiple orders is essential for online sellers. However, the task of adjusting information for numerous orders can be time-consuming. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Sellerwix’s latest release, a revolutionary feature that streamlines order management. With this update, you can now save time by adjusting information in a common form, making changes to multiple orders simultaneously. Import active goods into the system for automatic updates and auto-tracking.
To learn more about how this remarkable feature can revolutionize your online selling experience, read on.

Map order item

Boost your order management efficiency with Sellerwix’s map order item feature.
Now available on Sellerwix’s system, this feature empowers users to select a series of orders that require updating. Seamlessly update, sync, and connect order items simultaneously, eliminating the need for manual execution of each order. It can optimize your order management workflow and save you valuable time.
All you need to do is follow the steps below:
Sellerwix's map order item feature

Step 1: Go to the Order page >> Select the orders you want to update >> Click the Map order button

Step 2: The Order Item table of the selected orders will appear

Step 3: Users can choose Supplier products or update the design in order of items

Sellerwix map order feature
Bid farewell to missed updates and delayed shipments with Sellerwix’s latest feature – Notification of late shipment via email and/or Telegram, read on.

Bulk import design & product

Elevate your online selling with Sellerwix’s game-changing feature.
Save time and optimize order management with Sellerwix’s Bulk Import Design & Product feature. Swiftly update multiple products or designs using our CSV form, freeing up time for other tasks. Experience faster adjustments and updates to order information, enhancing efficiency and synchronization.
To use this feature, simply follow these steps:
  • Go to the order page >> Select the orders you want to update
Sellerwix bulk import feature
  • Use Map order feature to export CSV file >> Click Export button
Sellerwix bulk import 2
  • System will navigate to Log/Action page
  • Click the Link and download to download the CSV file to your computer
Sellerwix feature bulk import download CSV file
  • Open the downloaded file and edit it
Sellerwix feature launch on August bulk import

To update product and supplier, fill in the following 4 columns:

  • Supplier
  • Variant ID
  • Shipping Method
  • Print Area
Sellerwix feature release bulk import variant supplier
  • To update the design, enter the design link in the Design URL column
Sellerwix bulk import update design
  • After updating the file >> Go back to the order page and click the Bulk import design & Product button
bulk import design product button Sellerwix feature
  • Select or drag the updated file from the export file
Select or drag the updated file from the export file
  • Click the Save button (The system will automatically map the necessary columns from the CSV file)
automatically map columns from the CSV file Sellerwix feature
  • The system will update the order information according to the information from the CSV file
update order information Sellerwix feature
1,000+ sellers are using Sellerwix with 1M+ units sold.
Learn more about our services and system, or you can visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Read on to learn more about How to choose the right Sellerwix pricing plan for your business and what we’re working on next.

Bonus tips

  • To import products and suppliers, the data will be used together with the data of the Import order (Variant ID – Sellerwix Prime)
  • Map Order, Bulk Import Design & Product features can only be used for orders that have not been fulfilled or on Error status
  • After import file, designs, and products/suppliers will be updated and overwritten based on the CSV file
  • Order item after updating design, only this item status of that order will be enabled so that it won’t affect other orders
  • When the system is updating the order, the status will be On Matching
  • If the order is in On Matching status for too long, the user can manually update the Product/Supplier and Design to proceed with fulfillment
on matching status Sellerwix feature
Sellerwix seizes on the opportunity to launch the first fulfillment service. We aim to support print providers and sellers who suppose to reach their customers quickly and increase sales capacity and business scale. The service is named Sellerwix Prime. Our customers and partners can start using this service from April 2023.

Try it out today and let us know what you think!

For our complete list of Sellerwix Features, check out our Sellerwix Feature Release blog.
With insightful experiences in the eCommerce market, Sellerwix will be the fully integrated solution to manage and grow your business effortlessly. Let’s meet at or if you need any help. Follow our blogs to stay on top of Print On Demand trends!
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