Support Policy

Last update: Jan 10, 2023


The Customer Service Policy formalizes our commitment to providing the best and most professional possible service to our customers.


This policy and associated procedures apply to all interaction acts to the customer support service, including but not limited to phone calls, e-mails, direct conversations, and face-to-face meetings.


  • Customer – is defined as anyone who contacts our company due to any reason
  • Customer Service Representative – is defined as any person who interacts with the Customer
  • Manager – is defined as any person who supervises the Customer Service representative.
  • The Company – is defined as Sellerwix


All Customer Service representatives are to comply with the following standards when interacting with the Customer:

  • Customer Service representatives are to learn about this policy as an inseparable part of the guidebook for Customer Service training and to comply with it.
  • Customer Service representatives are to be courteous and professional when interacting with the Customer.
  • Customer Service representatives are to attempt to settle the issues promptly and effectively.
  • Customer Service representatives are to present clear and concise information and to receive the information from the Customer cautiously.
  • The Manager has to be liable for all Customer Service representatives are in compliance with all clauses of this policy.
  • Customer Service representatives are to be responsible for the investigation of any complaints against them.


Our company prioritizes the effective service of customers to our customers. We are to provide the best possible service to gain customer satisfaction by offering consistent and high-quality service.

1. Response time

Although there would be times of unforeseen circumstances, we shall promise to solve all the complaints and issues from the customers in a timely and efficient way. For such an accomplishment, we have established the policies as follows:

  • All incoming phone calls shall be responded to within 5 (five) minutes.
  • All e-mails received by our Company shall be answered within 4 (four) hours.
  • All direct conversations shall receive the responses within 15 (fifteen) minutes.
  • All direct requests shall be replied to within 30 (thirty) seconds.
  • Customer Service representatives shall respond to the Customers in a courteous and professional tone.
  • Customer Service representatives shall be resolving any issues in the fastest possible way.
  • If the Customer Service representative shall not able to solve the issues, the issues shall be the responsibility of the manager subsequently.

2. Sellerwix Platform

Sellerwix Platform is the software platform that provides our two main features and services of ours, which are Order management and Fulfillment.

  • We shall inform the Customers about our system maintenance and/or possible upgrade 24 (twenty-four) hours in advance for any of the Customers’ necessary arrangements, and for the suspension within the time of maintenance.
  • We shall commit that all Customers’ data imported to our system be administrated and utilized properly and integrally.
  • We shall commit that all Customers’ data imported to our system be confidential and secured. The imported data including images, store information, order details, products, etc., is to be completely confidential, and not to be revealed neither by any Third Party or the other Customers in our system.
  • In compliance with the policies and requirements of some of the e-commerce platforms (hereinafter referred to as the marketplace) namely Amazon, Etsy, etc., we shall commit to establishing a secured connection to be granted access and user’s data interaction. All APIs connected to the marketplace of Sellerwix shall be authenticated on the marketplace. This is verified by the fact that Sellerwix has the name on the App Store of Amazon, Etsy, and eBay.
  • In the process of product publishing, Sellerwix shall receive the response from the marketplace via the API, and shall faithfully reflect on our system via the Error Log of each product. The seller shall utilize these responses for any possible solutions for the error when the products are returned by the marketplace.

3. Software license (hereinafter referred to as License)

At the moment, we are offering two major user objects, which are users who use the free-of-charge service, and the paid service. The following cases are applied to users who are using the paid service.

  • If the users who have completed the purchase of the license stop using the system before the expiration date of the license, Sellerwix shall not refund the license purchasing fee.
  • If the users stop using our service, Sellerwix shall proceed with the refund for both the deposit within the user’s balance in our system and the remaining amount of the orders that have not yet been refunded.

All former users of Sellerwix (included in the attached list) shall be beneficial from the former price of Sellerwix. Concerning the users who previously stopped using the system and returned, the new license purchasing price shall be applied accordingly, similar to the new users.

4. Order management

4.1  Policy for order fulfillment

  • All information related to our suppliers, including price change and adjustment, fulfillment policies, or all issues that shall be arisen, etc., which possibly affect the fulfillment process, shall be informed and updated promptly by Sellerwix. We shall also come up with any appropriate solutions possible. Notably, if the changes shall affect the orders, Sellerwix shall intervene and determine to find the necessary solution for the charges (if any) based on a case-by-case basis. In addition, Sellerwix shall clearly define the responsibilities of each party to address the issue properly.
  • Sellerwix shall not provide the order IDs between Sellerwix and the suppliers to ensure order stewardship.
  • Sellerwix offers the interactive API between Sellerwix and the suppliers (CustomCat, Gearment, etc.), and we ensure the integrity of all data for all fulfillment processes in our system.
  • Sellerwix shall proactively monitor the production process of the orders and shall contact the suppliers for production facilitation if possible.
  • Sellerwix shall update and inform users of all arisen problems related to the orders within the production process. Sellerwix shall not be liable for any delay in the production of the orders caused by the suppliers, or for any faults from the suppliers. Sellerwix shall make every effort to ensure the benefits between the sellers and suppliers.
  • Sellerwix shall be responsible for monitoring the process of order tracking synchronization. Nevertheless, we shall not be liable for either the process of transporting the orders or the detailed tracking information update, which is beyond Sellerwix’s and suppliers’ control and responsibilities. Each supplier shall have separate terms and policies for any complaints related to this issue.

4.2 Policies for order cancellation

  • Sellerwix shall only proceed with the order cancellation with the approval of the suppliers.
  • Please contact our support team and provide them with the order ID to check your order status. Sellerwix shall support the cancellation if the orders can be canceled in compliance with the suppliers’ policies.
  • Suppliers’ policies of order cancellation.

4.3  Refund and replacement policies from the suppliers.

Conditions to be eligible for a refund/replacement from the suppliers:

  • Orders that were fulfilled within 2 (two) months (60 days)
  • The orders have the following status:
    – The customers do not receive the orders, or there is a delay in the delivery (in compliance with the suppliers’ policies)
    – The products in the orders are damaged/wrong/low in quality
    – Missing or wrongly delivered items
    – The details of the products do not match those of the original orders: variant, size, color, design/printing content

4.4 Support procedures for refund and replacement

  • Step 1: Please provide us with the order ID and all images and proof related to the order that needs support, which may include the conversation with the buyer, the images which thoroughly depict the problems on the product(s) (broken/damaged item, low printing quality, faulty information, etc.)
  • Step 2: Sellerwix shall directly contact the supplier for the related information and proper support to the corresponding orders.
  • Step 3: Provide Sellerwix with any updated/additional information as required by the suppliers. These requirements are to be provided by Sellerwix’s Customer Service representatives.
  • Note: All requests shall be handled in compliance with each supplier’s policies.

4.5 Refund policy for orders fulfilled on Sellerwix.

  • Sellerwix shall proceed with the refund for the orders on the refund confirmation, and when fully received the refund amount from the suppliers to the sellers. A notification shall be made in these cases.
  • For all orders and stores that were deleted/removed from Sellerwix’s system by the users before the time the refund is to have proceeded, Sellerwix shall not be able to conduct the refund for these orders/stores.

E. Feedback

We welcome feedback from our customers. We would like to know what we are doing right, and what might be improved in our service.

We believe that all feedback shall be used to improve our service and customer service representatives. We expect them to be the best, so your feedback will help us fulfill our goal.


Thank you very much for your time reading our policies. Should you have any inquiries or feedback, please contact us.

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