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What is a production partner?

A production partner is a company or individual (who’s not part of your Etsy shop) that helps physically produce items based on your own, original designs, such as a printing service, an apparel producer, an engraver, etc.

Why is Etsy making me choose a production partner?

Some reasons that you might work with a production partner may include:
  • You don’t have the equipment or technical ability to manufacture items you have designed.
  • Your business is growing, and you need help keeping up with the quantity of orders that you are receiving, or you’ve outgrown your current production space.
Production partners do not include your own shop members or suppliers from whom you source ready-made products to resell.

Handmade items produced with a production partner must abide by Etsy Handmade Policy. We require sellers using production assistance to transparently share this information on the applicable listings. Buyers can see information about any production partners you work with from your shop’s About section.

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How to add a production partner?

There are several ways to add a production partner:
You can also create production partner profiles in the Production partner manager:
  1. In Shop Manager, choose Settings.
  2. Select Production partners.
  3. Select Add a new production partner and fill out a form telling Etsy and the community about your partnership. The information not marked Private will be shared publicly in your shop.
  4. Next to Production partner, enter your partner’s business name. Etsy requires that you disclose the business name, but you can choose to keep this private in your shop. In that case, you will enter a public title (such as “Apparel printer”) that describes what kind of business they are.
  5. In the Location field, Enter your partner’s city, state, province, etc. As you type, select from the list that appears.
  6. In the About production partner field, describe how you work with them. This public information can include why you chose this partner and the types of services that they provide for you.
  7. The answers you select in the About your partnership dropdown menus are only for Etsy’s internal use. These won’t show up publicly in your shop or listings, but your partner’s location and the description of your production partner will.
  8. Preview how this will look on your shop’s About Section.
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For example:
When you are a partner of Sellerwix, and you want to add Sellerwix as your Production partner on Etsy. Please follow these steps:
  • Step 1: In Shop Manager, choose Settings
  • Step 2: Select Production partners —> Select Add a new production partner and fill out a form telling Etsy and the community about Sellerwix
  • Step 3: Next to Production partner, fill out Sellerwix’s information
  • Step 4: Enter our location
  • 1309 Coffeen Avenue STE 1200, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801, United States
  • In the About production partner field, describe how we work together. You also can share this information:
  • Sellerwix – Print On Demand At Scale – A fully integrated solution to manage and grow your thriving eCommerce business.

How to remove or edit a production partner from your listings?

You can edit or remove a production partner in several ways:
  • Select Listings in Shop Manager. Choose a listing and you can de-select a production partner from an individual listing.
  • Select the listings you want to edit from the Listings page. Choose Editing options, then Production partners. De-select the partner and choose Update.
  • In the Production partners manager, choose Edit or the X near the name of the partner. These changes will automatically be reflected on all linked listings.

On the Etsy Seller app, production partner profiles can only be edited while adding or editing a listing. You can access the other editing tools on a computer or mobile web browser.

If the listing editor requires you to add a production partner but you don’t have one, review Etsy’s Seller Policy to make sure that your items meet our guidelines.

Production partners only apply to items that you are designing, then having made with production assistance. Production partners don’t apply to items that you or your shop members physically make or to products that you are not personally designing.

After you disclose your production partners

In order to make sure that your items and shipping details are accurately represented to buyers, you will want to:
  • Update your listings’ shipping locations to accurately reflect if they are shipping from a production partner’s location
  • Fill out your shop’s About Section to tell the story of how you design and create your items
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