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Key selling success factors should pay attended to

According to Amazon Global Selling, the following factors sellers should keep in mind to do Amazon business effectively:

1. Choose the right potential product

It must be a product that meets the following criteria:
  • Suitable seasonality
  • Quality, competitive price
  • In line with consumer trends in the US market (Ornament, home decor, etc.)

2. Proper order processing method

Amazon recommends that sellers choose FBA for key or/and hot products and FBM for customized products. The purpose is to ensure the delivery time is not delayed and avoid affecting the sales account.

3. Sign up for Amazon Brand

Sellers who build a unique brand and offer high-quality products from the outset are better positioned to do business effectively during peak seasons with a high volume of orders.

4. The effective advertising strategy

Amazon recommends that users optimize both internal and external traffic to increase sales on their platform. This includes optimizing sponsored ads such as sponsored products and sponsored brands, as well as product listings to improve their visibility within Amazon. Additionally, external traffic, such as social media and search engine marketing, can be leveraged to drive traffic to Amazon product listings, increasing the likelihood of sales. By maximizing both internal and external traffic, sellers can improve their sales performance and overall success on Amazon’s platform.

Some advertising strategies that sellers can refer to, organized by time period

Before peak season (4-6 weeks) – Prepare
  • Preparing for listing
  • Choose the right Asin and advertising strategy
  • Install promotions
During peak season (about 1 week) – Optimal
  • Develop an effective strategy to run keyword and product advertising
  • Optimize campaigns for maximum performance during the peak season by adjusting bids, targeting, and budgets
  • Brand strategy
Post-peak season (1-2 months) – Continuous optimization
Analyze campaign performance and adjust strategies for future peak seasons. Use data-driven insights to optimize campaigns and improve return on investment. With high traffic characteristics after the high season, sellers need to pay attention to:
  • Relocate the client file
  • Adjust data accordingly
  • Summarizing and preparing for the peak season
By implementing these advertising strategies, sellers can improve their visibility, drive traffic, and increase sales on Amazon’s platform.

Why does the account get locked? - How to keep a healthy Amazon account?

9 policies sellers must not violate
  1. Intellectual property
  2. Number of complaints received about intellectual property
  3. Complaints about product authentication
  4. Complaints about product safety
  5. Complaints about product status
  6. Violation of product posting policy
  7. Violation of restricted products policy
  8. Violation of customer product review policy
  9. Other violations
To avoid Amazon account suspension, sellers must ensure the following criteria
  • Profession account active with Good account health
  • Listing ads with >90% buy box
  • Registered brand and set up stores with the right theme
  • Always have enough stock (so as not to delay orders)
  • Specific advertising budget and plan
It is important for sellers to ensure that orders have correct tracking information, sufficient inventory, and an appropriate delivery time to avoid receiving complaints and negative reviews. If a seller’s account is rated “at risk,” it is crucial to intervene promptly and take corrective action to avoid suspension.

Understanding Amazon Account Health Rating

Amazon’s Account Health Rating (AHR) program is a software system that monitors and rates the health and reliability of a seller’s account on the platform. The program evaluates a seller’s performance based on various metrics, such as order defect rate, cancellation rate, late shipment rate, and customer feedback.

So, to maintain a healthy Amazon account, sellers should monitor their AHR scorecard regularly and take corrective action if any metrics fall below the acceptable thresholds. By maintaining high-performance metrics and ensuring compliance with Amazon’s policies and guidelines, sellers can avoid the risk of their accounts being locked or suspended.

How to assess account status?
The AHR program provides sellers with a scorecard that reflects their account’s health and performance. If a seller’s account falls below certain thresholds for any of the metrics, their account may be flagged as “at risk” and subject to suspension or account deactivation. The dashboard also provides guidance on how you can improve your performance metrics and maintain a healthy account.
Remember that
  • A “good” AHR doesn’t mean the account won’t be locked
  • Regardless of the status of your account, once Amazon finds evidence that you are not in compliance with the terms of the contract/law puts the buyer at risk. An account can be locked immediately
  • If the AHR shows an “at risk” condition, check the status promptly to avoid locking
  • If a breach has been handled, Amazon will need to confirm you’ve taken the necessary actions, then take 24-48 hours to update your account status


Now you know more about the key factors to sell on Amazon successfully. Selling on Amazon can be a lucrative opportunity for individuals and businesses looking to expand their reach and increase sales. By following Amazon’s guidelines and best practices, sellers can increase their visibility, attract more customers, and achieve success on the platform. Start building today with Sellerwix!
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