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When an order is placed in your store, we will charge your preferred payment method for the base cost of the items in the order, plus the shipping cost for the items in order for the order to be shipped to your customer. You only pay for the items your customers ordered as their orders are placed. Sellerwix only provides and accepts top-ups for payment on the system. Please make any deposit to your Balance by transferring through our Payoneer/PingPong at:
You can search for your order on Sellerwix application at the Order Chart by searching/inserting Order name, Shipping name, Shipping phone, or Tracking ID.
You can cancel the order to change the information as needed. In this case, please make the cancellation request, or you contact our customer support to request a cancellation/change in the order information with the Supplier accordingly in the event that the order has not been in production yet. Please note that this shall also vary depending on the Supplier’s policies and working procedures.

At present time, there are a number of Suppliers that offer replacements for orders having issues in compliance with their policies. However, this depends, that being mentioned, the Supplier shall follow their strict and specific policies; thus the replacement shall not be guaranteed, and shall be solved based on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact us ASAP for help!

Carriers usually use the website “Smarty” to scan the order’s address whenever process delivery of an order. Thus, you can use this website to check and limit the wrong address that might lead to undesirable situations. For more information, please check the link as follow:

With issues on the orders placed on Sellerwix, we shall work and provide the solutions in compliance with the policies of the suppliers respectively. Any defects or errors on the supplier’s part will result in a replacement at no charge.

In these cases, please simply submit a customer support request with a photo/related proof (evidence) of the order(s) in question, and our supporter will make a request to the supplier for the appropriate solution(s). The Suppliers typically do not offer returns, refunds, or replacements due to user errors such as incorrect selection of sizes, designs, colors, care instructions, etc.

It depends on each individual supplier. Normally, the period for international shipping shall vary from 21-30 business days
The first in-production day will be applied on the day after the day the order is placed on Sellerwix (Except for weekends and holidays).
The refund of each month will be solved and refunded into your balance by the 5th day of every next month.
For customers who are new to Sellerwix’s system, our representatives will provide you with supporting documents. For any questions and issues, Sellerwix shall be pleased to arrange online meeting(s) for more specific instructions and answers to all enquires.

To add or remove team members of your team, customers could use the Staff Management feature. However, this feature is only available if you are on a Starter Plan or Custom Plan.

This feature is related to dividing and managing the work process of each individual in your team. It helps save time in staff management, and scale your print-on-demand business with less work.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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